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Our simple to use, online appointment process makes it easy for you to book for any one of our services and doctors.

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Dr Mahadevan's Covid Treatment Centre

  • Consult Dr. Mahadevan Covid Treatment Centre at Maya Nursing Home For Covid-19 3rd Wave
  • 100% Scientific Approach
  • No Experimental Drugs
  • Shortest Hospital Stay
  • Quick Recovery
  • Most Affordable Cost
  • Most Insurances Accepted
  • Classify Patients into Mild, Moderate & Severe Cases and Treat Accordingly
  • Experience of Treating More than 10000 Patients
  • Our Doctor Mahadevan is an Experienced Physician and Critical Care Consultant with 15 Years of Expertise in the field

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To Serve Elderly who are Confined to Bed and Need Nursing Care.

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Meeting Your Emotional Needs

An elderly person needs to feel safe, remain close to other people and believe that life continues.

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We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with professionally trained nursing staff.

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Gives seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment.


Very good service with personal attention. Dr. Mahadevan diagonized and provided excellent treatment during our period of stay in the nursing home. All doctors, nurses and staff took care of us so well. Thank you very much.

Anant CV

Our involvement with Maya Nursing home, first started during the COVID pandemic in 2021, when my parents had to be admitted in critical condition, and next when my mother had to go undergo a complex surgery having diagnosed with TB. And on both occasions we were gifted with extraordinary results.

The Team at Maya Nursing has an X factor which turns hopeless situations to great outcomes. They are a thoroughly professional and competent team led by young, talented, supremely confident, unassuming, passionate expert doctor, Dr Mahadevan. It is not exaggeration but our experience with the hospital and that we could easily admit without hesitation that we have come across one of the best doctors till date.

The doctors and team are easily approachable to the patients and their family. They doctors are very caring and transparent in discussing their action plan for treatment and gain patient’s confidence. Their approach is very simple, relentless and persistent keeping an eye on patient’s over all recovery, including psychological, which is a standout feature of the treatment. Most striking ability of the doctors is the sense of timing, that they seem to take the right decision at right time almost naturally.

The doctors have a great sense of humour which effectively diffuses any tough situation and uplifts the morale of the patients and their families. They pay personal attention to each and every patient; during the treatment process and follow up to ensure treatment is complete thereby establish a strong bond with the patient.

The main advantage here is that the doctors have access to great network of medical experts and facilities with which they can seemingly treat any disease or perform any sort of surgery under the sky successfully. Administrative formalities are very handled to ensure hassle free experience.

It has been two years since we have known the doctors and their team and we think we have the credential to say the spirit of “NEVER SAY DIE” is best exemplified in Maya Nursing hospital.

Saraswathi Balachandran

My father was admitted in Maya nursing home 2 weeks back and Dr Mahadevan gave very good treatment to cure his covid lung infection within a week. The staffs were very polite and really caring to the patient. The patients were constantly monitored by the doctor and nurses. My sincere thanks to Dr Mahadevan and his talented team.

Kirthivasan S

Dr. Mahadevan, Dr Lingesh and staff were simply amazing! They took excellent care of our elderly mother who was in critical care during the last 10 days. They truly care for their patients with empathy and love, which is evident in how they run their critical care unit. They provided regular updates and supported us through this very challenging time. We thank them for helping our mother become stable. She is back home and progressing well. THANK YOU!!!


The care from Doctors and staff made me feel that I was in safe hands !!
“I was very pleased with my experience at Maya Nursing Home. I was hard stuck with COVID-19 with an innate crankiness that made me feel unwell and I know because the situation was less than pleasant. This time (My first time at Maya Nursing Home) was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. I felt so good to be treated with professionalism and care. When I say the doctors especially Dr G R Mahadevan who is truly busy always but still took time to make me feel that I would recover soon and all the other employees of the hospital made me feel that I was in safe hands and even made me smile when I left, then you can believe they are the best. I am truly grateful for their wonderful care and support. I appreciated their follow-up and willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to all of them.”


Highly recommend this hospital than any other hospital in Chennai.
Doctor Mahadevan and his team took care of my grandfather( 88 years of age) who had several complications which were extremely critical.
They patiently sat with with not only my grandfather but also with us, who are an extremely worrisome family.

I can’t believe even today that grandfather is all okay and back to his normal routine at home and happy.

We are so greatful to have found this great hospital and can’t thank Dr Mahadevan and his team enough.
They really do make miracles here!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

kavya verghese

Dr Mahadevan is excellent at his diagnosis and treatment plan!! He is caring ,dedicated and has immense patience to deal with his patients and their care givers.
With his vast experience ,he is easily the best intensive care doctor!
All the best doctor and reach out to the multitudes with your healing touch.

Shirin Mammen

Friendly approach. Good Treatment. Service Mind. Especially in COVID time , Dr. Mahadevan & Maya team service is “To be engraved in golden characters”.

Sudhakar P

I want to thank Dr Mahadevan and their staff for providing excellent support throughout my hospital stay for covid treatment. I was admitted with high fever. First Dr Mahadevan builds the confidence and wins the hearts. Cleaning staff,ward boys & Nurses evey one in the hospital are well behaved and focused on their work.

Thulasiram Suresh

I am quite pleased with the treatment I received for Corona at this hospital. Dr. Mahadevan had been quick to diagnose the condition at the entry point and suggest proper medication and treatment. He also made visits every day and modify medications according to the condition. He was also able to explain in laymen terms the process going on. The Doctor was ably supported by his assistant doctors. Nursing at this hospital had been exemplary. Every nurse was punctual, polite and highly efficient. Our special thanks to them. Rooms were maintained meticulously. The room was swept and mopped twice everyday. The bathroom was also attended twice everyday. Overall, the hospital has served more than my expectations.


Personally I feel and witness MNH is very right choice to treat for COVID and other critical issues. Dr. Mahadevan is absolutely awesome in diagnosing and treat instantly!

Thanks to Dr. Lingesh and other staff members of Maya Nursing home for doing a noble service!

God gives you very good health to serve the society further..

With love,

Mathrubutham J

Maya hospital with dr Mahadevan and team doing really wonderful service during this covid period
With good care and service maya nursing home is very dependable with good medical service to the society Best wishes mnf for their future service

Ramasundaram Rajagopalan

Immaculate unmatched service. Commendable service from Dr. Mahadevan and Dr. Lingesh along with their team. Exemplary service during the pandemic. Praying God to bless them to continue their service to this mankind. 🙏

Sethumadhavan Venkatrao

We were tested positive and admitted here. The way Dr.Mahadevan and his entire team attended to us, we felt very safe and confident. The nurses and other staff were very kind, polite and dedicated too. Food was excellent. Further, Dr.Mahadevan patiently listened to all our doubts/ questions, and cleared all our doubts. Overall it was excellent service by the entire team🙏🙏🙏

V Ramakrishnan

The Best hospital to treat covid and all other ailments .My father was admitted to Maya nursing home a week ago for Covid treatment with high lung infection rate. Dr Mahadevan sir (Chief Consultant) and his team gave an Excellant treatment to cure his lung infection within a weeks time . All the Doctors are well experienced and were very efficient in bringing the infection under control in a short span of time.Nursing services in the ward are very good. All the staff are very humble and caring. Rooms and hospital premises are very clean and tidy. Overall experience is very good. I would definitely recommend Maya Nursing Home for others.

Arun Kumar T

We took Dr Mahadevan’s treatment for my father after he tested positive for Covid. Dr Mahadevan was very approachable right from the word go and has made us feel very comfortable. He incorporated a complete treatment protocol taking into account the earlier health conditions. One important and distinct appreciable quality was that he did NOT prescribe any unnecessary tests or treatment protocols.
I would strongly recommend him as a wholesome family physician with whom a rapport can be built.
On suggestion that the hospital could work on is that, though the nurses are super helpful and supportive, a little improvement in nursing staff would be a good idea.
On the whole,good quality treatment at affordable rates under a very good, approachable and understanding doctor.

Srivalli Anand

Recently I was admitted to the hospital. I was discharged after treatment. Now i am fine.They have taken extreme care. All the staff are very co-operatve . My Thumbs up to Dr.Mahadeven and his team

Sundarachariar Ranganathan

This camp is very useful in this current situation. Post covid patients has to know the awareness like do’s ans don’ts which was helpful. Staffs were friendly and guided us very well. Doctors explained and cleared all our doubts with patience. Thank you soo much for conducting this free camp facility.

Mohan Dass

The hospital was recommended unanimously for treating my illness and the rigorous protocols followed by the doctors and each staff on the facility is truly commendable. I am very sure that I got the best care I could get with very courteous staff and excellent medical care from the doctors and visibly became a lot better in just a few days.

The doctors gave a complete picture of the problem and treatment to be provided which was very encouraging. The right person was always available to help me overcome my illness, making it a very trustworthy hospital that I will recommended for anyone known to me to get quality medical care.

Please keep up the brilliant work!

Shriram ARS

Me and my mom took treatment for COVID very recently at Maya Nursing home. I would like to say this is a great place for getting treated. The Doctors are very kind,courteous and took care of us well and gave us confidence at every stage that helped us get better and better. Our tons of Thanks to Dr.Mahadevan and of course thanks to Dr.Lingesh as well. The nurses,attenders,support staff were very kind,good hearted and very helpful all the time. Excellent is the only word to fill for this Hospital. Thanks All Again.

AravindKumar Gopalakrishnan


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